Thursday, April 2, 2009

Basic Half Cardigan

Size : Free (fits up to UK12)

This shrug is available in Electric Blue and Dark Pink.


Do mail us for the picture :)

Sheery Blossom

paired up with Waffle Clincher (RM25)

Size : Free (UK8-UK14) not recommended for petites
Material : Sheer Chiffon
Colour : Dark Brown
Description : can wear 'Suh-Weet' as the inner :)


Status : Available


simple & suh-weet sleeveless dress

bottom part embroided

pair it up with cardigan (not included)

paired it up with bling2 clincher (RM25)

Size : Free (fits up to UK10)
Material : Comfy Cotton
Colour : Pink, Yellow, Black, Dark Blue, White
Description : full with teeny weeny eyelets details. can be wear as inner for sheer chiffon dress


Status : Available

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blossom Lace

Size : Free Size (fits up to UK10)
Length : 50 cm
Material : Comfy Cotton
Colour : Pink (sold), Brown(sold), Turqoise(sold)
Description : Lace at the bottom and upper part

RM24 *inclusive pos express*

Status : SOLD OUT

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gingham Boyfriend Shirt

spotted at Forever21

Blossom's version =)

Size : Free (fits up to UK10)
Length : 70 cm
Colour : Dark Green, Dark Brown(sold), Red(sold)
Material : Cotton
Description : Sash is included


Status : Available in Dark Green

Friday, February 20, 2009

Miss Blackie

Miss Purple - Sold Out

Miss Blackie - Available

Size : Free (fits up to UK12)
Material : Knitted
Colour : Top is black, Bottom is dark green
Description : Comes with black clincher and matching scarf


Status : Available

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lacey String

Size : S, M and L
Length : 52 cm (without strap)
Material : Quality cotton
Colour : Blue(sold), Black(sold), Red(L left)
Description : Straps are adjustable, chest area is stretchable

*inclusive of pos express*


Tie Me Up

Size : M and L
Length : 51 cm (without strap)
Material : Satin
Colour : Mauve, Black and Dark Green
Description : Straps are detachable, hence can tie it anyway you like! Has inner lining


Status : Available

Glittery Blossom

Size : Free (fits up to UK10)
Length : 65 cm
Material : Cotton
Colours : Green, Pink(sold), Black(sold), Yellow, White(sold)
Description : Lace at the upper and bottom part. This top actually glitters!


Status : Available in Green and Yellow

Pearly Half Cardigan

Size : Free (fits up to UK10)
Material : Knitted
Colours : Black(sold), Beige, White(sold), Pink
Description : Pearls all over the side of cardi. The pearly pin is attached and you can clip it wherever u desire!


Status : Available in Beige and Pink

Crocheted Vest

Size : Free (fits up to UK12)
Length : 60 cm
Colour : Black(sold), White(sold), Yellow(sold), Pink
Material : Upper crotchet + cotton


Status : Available in Pink

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