Thursday, December 4, 2008

Miss Purple

close up

Size : Free (fits up to UK10)
Colour : Purple (2 sold)
Material : Knitted
Description : Comes with black clincher and matching scarf


Status : Sold Out

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


what clincher does? *slimmer effect~!*

"I am Plastic"

Colours : Brown and Purple (both sold out)


Colours : Black and Brown(both sold out)

From top to bottom:

Hearty (Dark Brown)
Bling-bling (Black)
(all sold out)


From top to bottom :

Exotic Black
Ribboney Grey
(all sold out)


Monday, November 10, 2008

featured~! =)

we've been featured again dollies at

* it's eyelets and futuristic =)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pearly Casual

Size : M and L (cutting is smaller than normal M and L)
Colour : Black, Beige, White
Description : 2 piece garment


Status : Sold Out

Elegant Blossom

actual colour is darker

ruffled collar

Size : S, M and L
Length : 56 cm (S, M and L)
Bust : 39 cm(S), 41 cm(M), 43 cm(L)
Colour : Purple, Black, White
Description : Smocked at body part, shoulder part and sleeves part. Can be worn as work attire
*white sleeveless included*


Status : Sold Out


wide turtleneck

Size : Free (fits up to UK12)
Length : 72 cm
Colours : Black, Mustard, White, Dark Grey
Description : Has 2 side pockets. Comes with free black belt


Status : Sold Out

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


we've been featured again at

it's 'My Boyfriend Shirt' , 'Crocheted Vest' and 'First Date' turns now =))

thanx a lot babes!

Trench Coat

roll up the sleeves

or unroll it =)

Size : Free (fits up to UK10)
Length : 85 cm
Colour : Orange, Dark Grey, Mustard Yellow, Cappucino
Material : Thick quality cotton (not the hot type)
Description : Comes together with black belt *whee~!!*


Status : Sold Out

First Date

Size : Free (fits up to UK10)
Length : 90 cm
Colour : Red and Purple
Material : Cotton


Status : Sold Out

Sweet Checkered

smocked at the bottom, with 3 cute little buttons

smocked at the shoulder part

Size : Free (fits up to UK10)
Length : 52 cm
Colour : Turquoise, Red, Pink, Mustard Yellow
Material : Cotton


Status : Sold Out

Checkered Blossom

Size : S and M

Length : 57 cm, Bust : 38 cm (S size)
Length : 58 cm, Bust : 40 cm (M size)

Colour : Blue, Red, Yellow
Material : Cotton
Description : Smocked at the back, bottom is trimmed with lace


Status : Sold Out

Saturday, November 1, 2008


yeah, we've been featured again!! =)

now, it's in daily dosage of classy and fabulous~!!!

it's now our lovely long cardigan and angelic blossom turn to be featured~!!!

thanx dearies for featuring us!!


we've been featured again~!!

darls, we've been featured again at 'A Shopaholic's Den' ~!!!! *wheeeee*

remember they used to featured our special Fruity Butterfly Sleeves Top??

and now our very2 unique 60s Diva has been featured..~!!


so grab ur own 60s Diva now before it's too late~!!!

and it is restockable, dun worry ~!!!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ribbons Temptation

Size : Free (can even fit XL!!)
Length : 58 cm
Material : Chiffon
Colours : White, Black-Pink, Black-Turqoise, Black-White
Description : The strings at the shoulder part are detachable, therefore can fit any size! Black tube included!

(was RM38)

Status : Sold Out

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